We would like to intoduce you to our UWCGO board members (2011)


Theresa Woo (AC 88)


Vice-Chair: Nishita Mehta-Jasani (LPC 97)
Margaret Ting (PC 82)

Alan Chiu (LPC 98)


Other Board Members: Delpha Ho (AdC 87)
Francine Kwong (AC 87)

Ken Yeung (AW 84)


Treasurer: Charlton Mak (AC 01)


We have four action groups to focus on our core activities, in addition to administrative functions. These action groups are:


LPC support group (Convenor: Nishita Mehta-Jasani)


This group aims to provide support to LPC and, through this process, to create a stronger identity with the alumni organisation to contribute to the UWC movement in Hong Kong focuses on creating stronger ties with LPC. Activities including careers fair and host family will come under this group.


Selection advisory group (Convenor: Margaret Ting)


The main function of this group is to add value to the current selection process by actively participating in the selection process of students from Hong Kong to attend United World Colleges, provide advice to improve the process and where appropriate, carry out or provide support to improve the process.  Activities  including challenge day, overseas orientation and outreach to local schools will come under this group.


    Social networking group (Convenor: Alan Chiu)


The aim of the social networking group is to provide happiness to our fellow alumni. Each year, the group organises all kinds of social activities including an annual dinner and causal drinks parties. Though these activities, we hope to maintain a stronger tie with our fellow graduates and to build a UWC centred social network.


    Alumni Outreach Group (Co-convenors: Clara Tse and Vanesa Lee)


This group will be responsible for membership liaison, including maintaining and building our membership data, and managing our web-based platforms.  Through various web-based platforms such as UWCGO website, membership emails, facebook and blogs, we wish to vitalise discussions within HK alumni community on the UWC movement.

If you should be interested in joining us in our efforts, please feel free to contact us.

LPC support group:

Selection advisory group:

Social networking group:

Membership group: