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If I am not already a Graduate Member of UWC Graduates Organization (Hong Kong) Limited (“UWCGO”), please take this as my application to be a Graduate Member. Please update your database with my information above. I have read the personal information collection statement (“Statement”) overleaf and agree to its terms. In particular, I agree and accept that information marked with * may be shared with or otherwise become viewable in databases accessible by UWC graduates and students and members of UWCGO. I further agree that the United World Colleges Hong Kong Committee Limited (“UWC HK Committee”) may use and transfer my information above to the same extent as set out in the Statement (as if references to “UWCGO” are to “UWC HK Committee”).

Personal Information Collection Statement This Personal Information Collection Statement sets out the purposes for which your Personal Data will be used following collection, what you are agreeing to with respect to the use of your Personal Data by UWC Graduates Organization (Hong Kong) Limited (“UWCGO”) and your rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Cap 486 (the “Ordinance”) Purpose of Collection The Personal Data you provide to us may be used by UWCGO for one or more of the following purposes: • Processing of your application to become a graduate or other member of UWCGO, to participate in activities organized by UWCGO and/or to become involved in the organization of such activities; • Maintaining or updating the record of membership with, donors to and volunteers assisting UWCGO and analyzing the profiles of its members, donors and volunteers and the graduates and students of United World Colleges; • Facilitating the provision of mentorship and/or guidance by graduates of a United World College to other graduates or students enrolled in a United World College and the promotion of the United World Colleges movement; • Distributing communications from UWCGO, graduates or students of a United World College, or any associations or entities associated with or affiliated to UWCGO, including other participants of the United World College movement, including without limitation to the generality of the foregoing, the United World Colleges Hong Kong Committee Limited (“UWC Affiliates”); • Any other incidental or associated purposes to the above and otherwise to pursue the objectives and perform operations and business of UWCGO; • For other purposes permitted by law including the Ordinance Transfer of Personal Data Personal Data held by UWCGO will be kept confidential but UWCGO may, to the extent necessary for achieving the above purposes or any of them, disclose, obtain, transfer (whether within or outside Hong Kong) the Personal Data provided by you to, from or with any and all of the following persons and entities: • Any member of UWCGO and UWC Affiliates for any of the above or related purposes • Any appointed agents of UWCGO • Any parties, persons, corporate bodies or institutions with which UWCGO has or has proposed to have dealings including but not limited to any contractors or third-party ser vice providers of administrative, telecommunications, computer, payment or other services to UWCGO or its appointed agents in connection with the operation of their respective businesses Access and correction of Personal Data You have the right to request access to and correction of your Personal Data in accordance with the Ordinance. UWCGO has the right to charge a reasonable fee for processing any data access request. Any such request for access to and/ or correction of your Personal Data should be made in writing to the board of directors at the registered office of UWCGO in Hong Kong. Retention of Personal Data Your Personal Data will be retained only for such period as may be reasonably necessary for the carrying out of the above stated purposes. Privacy Policy Statement UWCGO is firmly committed to preserving your privacy in relation to Personal Data supplied to UWCGO on a voluntary basis. Personal Data may include names, addresses, email addresses, etc., which may be used for the above stated purposes. Your Personal Data will not be used for any other purposes without your consent unless such use is permitted or required by law.