About Us

About Us

A big welcome to the Hong Kong UWC graduates network! Hong Kong has been represented at UWCs overseas for over 35 years, and proudly hosts the Li Po Chun (LPC) UWC. An impressive number of UWC graduates currently work or study in Hong Kong, and they are in a wide range of professions: from medicine to law, from NGOs to academia, from performing arts to the media. They all share a goal: to be a force for good by making good use of their UWC experience. Apart from bringing the UWC spirit to their profession, UWC graduates in Hong Kong are active citizens in the community, and many of them participate in voluntary service activities in their spare time. UWC Graduates Organization (Hong Kong) Limited ("UWCGO") organizes activities for alumni from all colleges, classes, and nationalities to meet and socialise. This website introduces you to the organisation of UWC activities in Hong Kong. We hope that you will be an active participant in some of them, and we look forward to welcoming you to them in the near future. Remember: the end of your UWC experience marks only the beginning of real-world opportunities to live up your UWC spirit!

UWC Graduate Activities In HK

UWCGO has been the principal UWC graduate organisation in Hong Kong. In 2008, we helped establish United World Colleges Hong Kong Committee Limited (UWC HK Committee), a registered charity in Hong Kong in which UWC graduates also play a key role.

The two organisations will work closely with each other:
to raise funds for the education of Hong Kong students at UWCs and to support the UWC movement;
to raise public awareness of the UWC movement, as well as Li Po Chun United World College (LPC) in Hong Kong;
to assist in the student selection process that is currently jointly organised by Li Po Chun UWC and the UWC Hong Kong Scholarships Selection Committee.

UWCGO continues to be responsible for organising community service activities, alumni support for UWC events in Hong Kong and social gatherings for UWC graduates and friends. All UWC graduates can become graduate members upon their graduation. Members of UWCGO also support student initiatives at LPC.

The scope of any graduates organisation depends on the support and response of its members. Thus, the more active members we have, the more activities we can organise. Please sign up if you have not already done so, and be involved!